Lab seminar – Emotion Club

The Emotion Club is the weekly open lab seminar of the Comparative Emotion Neuroscience Group. All interested researchers and students are welcome.

Please feel free to contact Karita Ojala if you have any questions.

Time: Wednesdays (exceptionally for fall semester 2017), 4.00 – 5.00 pm

Place: Psychiatrische Universitätsklinik Zürich, Lenggstrasse 31, Room specified in the calendar

The Emotion Club is listed in the university calendar as Seminar: Topics in Comparative Emotion Neuroscience (Lehrveranstaltungsnummer: 4184; Lehrveranstaltungskürzel: WBAT1386).

Upcoming Emotion Clubs

Journal club: Nord et al., 2017. Power-up: A Reanalysis of ‘Power Failure’ in Neuroscience Using Mixture Modeling. Journal of Neuroscience.
Guest talk: Unsupported Rearing: a Context Sensitive Risk Assessment Behaviour (Oliver Sturman). Tuesday
Journal club: Beckers et al., 2013. What’s wrong with fear conditioning? Biological Psychology. Room Z0 01.
Talk: Enhanced Motor Precision under Acute Threat by Balancing Co-contraction Cost (Giuseppe Castegnetti). Room Z1 01.
Bach lab project update meeting. Room Z0 04.
Journal club: Sanborn & Chater, 2016. Bayesian Brains without Probabilities. Trends in Cognitive Sciences. Room Z0 04.
Journal club: Gershman et al. 2017. The computational nature of memory modification. eLife. Room Z0 01.
Guest talk: Bridging the Gap: Causal Inference in Neuroimaging (Sebastian Weichwald). Room Z0 01.
TBA. Room Z1 01.
Talk: Aversive Pavlovian Instrumental Transfer (Yangfang Xia). Room Z0 01.
No Emotion Club due to Society for Neuroscience meeting.
Neurofeedback session (Ronald Sladky, Scharnowski group). Room Z0 01.

Past Emotion Clubs
See here for a list of past Emotion Clubs in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.