Past Emotion Clubs – 2013

14.03. SPM clinic
21.03. Dominik Bach: Causal models in psychophysiology
28.03. Easter holidays
04.04. Teaching: Probabilities for dummies
11.04. SPM clinic
18.04. Matthias Staib: Neural mechanisms of fear conditioning
25.04. No seminar
02.05. Journal club: Visser et al. (2011) J Neurosci; Bach, Weiskopf, Dolan (2011) J Neurosci
09.05. Bank Holiday (Auffahrt)
16.05. SPM Clinic
23.05. No emotion club
30.05.  Journal club: Schultz, Dayan, & Montague 1997 Science
06.06. No emotion club
13.06. SPM clinic
20.06. Matthias Staib: Fear learning in sensory cortex – project presentation
27.06. Journal Club: Yaniv et al. 2004
04.07. No emotion club
11.07. Journal club, Grupe & Nitschke (2013) Nat Rev Neurosci: Uncertainty and anxiety
18.07. SPM clinic
15.08. Guest talk: Gabriela Rosenblau (Freie Universität Berlin): The role of social emotions in atypical emotional prosody processing
25.07. – 31.08. Summer holidays (except for 15.08.)
03.09. Journal Club: Poldrack et al. (2012) Discovering Relations Between Mind, Brain, and Mental Disorders Using Topic Mapping. PLOS Computational Biology (Christoph)
10.09. SPM clinic & short introduction on the fallacies of small and large sample size (Dominik)
17.09. Note changed room for this date: Z0 04. Guest talk: Daniel Schad (Berlin): Intelligence moderates model-based and model-free reward learning.
Teaching: Biases in decision making: Evidence from Psychology, Psychiatry, Behavioral Econmics & Behavioral Ecology (Christoph)
Journal club: Eldar et al. (2013) Neural gain, attention, and learning (Christoph)
Journal club (Matthias, Christoph)
Overview: Symposium on translational neuromodelling: Redefining Disease Concepts in Psychiatry (Dominik)
Teaching: Economics primer – utility theory, prospect theory, delay discounting (Dominik, Christoph)
Teaching: Loss aversion (Christoph)
SPM clinic & model-based fMRI / parametric modulators (Dominik)
Journal club: Iglesias et al. 2013 Neuron; Hierarchical prediction errors (Matthias, Christoph)
Teaching: Overview: The free energy principle (Christoph, Matthias)
Journal Club: Srinivasan et al. 1982: Predicitive coding (Giuseppe)
Journal Club: Rao et al. 1999: Predictive coding (Dominik)
Guest Talk: Thorsten Kahnt: Modeling and decoding decision signals in the human brain
Journal Club: Friston et al. 2010: Overview free energy principle – continued (Christoph)