MSc theses and semester projects on SIROP, for internal and external students

for external students (not UZH or ETH), see additional information below.

MSc and Dr. med. for local students and MDs

  •  one-year research projects (MSc UZH), 6- and 3 month-projects (MSc ETH), Dr. med. projects
  • topics: fear conditioning/extinction, anxiety models, emergence of subjective feeling, applied statistics (pattern classification methods)
  • methods: behavioural methods, EEG, statistics & data analysis methods, pharmacology

Supervision: Prof. Dominik Bach

Please contact us with a CV (PDF) and BSc documents for further information.

MSc and research studentships for external students

We host external research students with the following restrictions:

  • minimum stay 12 weeks
  • relevant background
  • no employment, no work contract, no enrolment at local university

For further information, please contact us with a CV, study certificates, proof of enrolment, ID/passport (all in one PDF), and refer to these restrictions in your email. Due to a heavy load of informal enquiries, we cannot answer applications without these documents.