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PsPM (formerly SCRalyze) is a powerful matlab toolbox for model-based analysis of psychophysiological signals.

A response model allows to infer a hidden variable from observable data. For example, sympathetic nerve firing can be inferred from observed skin conductance responses (SCR). This allows for quantitative description of hidden processes, increases the temporal resolution of analysis, and suppresses noise. PsPM contains models for SCR, heart data (ECG, pulse oxymetry, time stamps), respiration data (pressure belts or bellows belts), pupil size (with full EyeLink support).

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APMC: Amygdala Probability Maps based on structural Connectivity

Probability maps for basolateral and centrocortical amygdala nucleus groups, based on 8 individuals in which nuclei were separated according to their structural connectivity. See the readme.rtf file in the package for detailed information.


Update based on 50 individuals from the Connectome data set