Dr. med. Aslan Abivardi

University of Zurich: Postdoctoral researcher / Attending physician

2019: Board certification as specialist for psychiatry and psychotherapy (FMH)
2018: Doctorate, University of Zurich (Dr. med.)
2003 – 2009: Studies of Human Medicine, University of Zurich

Clinical residency:
2013 – 2019: Department of Psychiatry (DPPP), University of Zurich, Psychiatric Hospital
2011 – 2012: Department of Diagnostic Neuroradiology, University Hospital of Zurich
2010 – 2011: Department of Trauma and Visceral Surgery, Cantonal Hospital of Lucerne

E-mail: aslan.abivardi@puk.zh.ch
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  • Burrer, A., […], Abivardi, A., et al. (2020) Apathy is not associated with reduced ventral striatal volume in patients with schizophrenia. (Schizophrenia Research, in press)
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