Open Science

We are committed to open science and to sharing all resources.

Open Code & Open Data

We share all data and code from our publications, and we are proud to make many behavioural and all psychophysiology data publicly available in anonymised format. See the [Open Data] and [Open Code] links in our publication list. A table of all psychophysiological data sets can be found on the PsPM website.

Fear conditioning data sets are provided in a standardised format to facilitate automated data processing. Please contact us if you wish to know more about this format.


PsPMĀ (PsychoPhysiological Modelling) is a powerful matlab toolbox for model-based analysis of psychophysiological signals, for example SCR, ECG, respiration, pupil size, or startle eye-blink EMG. Currently, PsPM implements models for all of these modalities, and we are working towards further models, for example, for skin potential and ocular scan path length. See our GitHub pages for more information.